Ames MakerSpace is a community space that is inviting, malleable, spontaneous, free, creative, energetic, ridiculous and informal. The space and its members value transparency, openness, respect and responsibility.

You can come and hang out during our regular times on Thursdays at 7pm, you join our meetup group and watch for any workshops and events, and you can bring your project or use the space how you please – no rules, just have common sense and be excellent to others.

If you need to use the space for a project or need to use it regularly, we can give you a key and you can come and go as you please. If you want a group to use it or for an event, feel free to set one up.

Check out our expanding list of tools to see what we have for you to use.

We started in 2011 and simply split the cost of rent and contribute tools. Donations of money or tools are welcome. Contact us or come by at our regular time on Thursday.


Google Maps:

Town Center
328 Main Street, Suite 15
Ames, IA 50010


We are a little hard to find…
Find the door in the back of the building, and we’re at the end of the hallway.
Keep the following number to call in case you cannot find the space: 515-451-6464